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The Piedmont and Western Railroad is a fictitious line serving Western North Carolina whose mainline extends from Marion, NC to Leadvale, TN. Its chief purpose is to carry the trains of its owners, Southern RR and the Clinchfield RR across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since it is the only Carolina's mainline that crosses the Blue Ridge, traffic is heavy. The Piedmont and Western also maintains extensive terminal facilities in Asheville, which is the focus of operations. Trains set off or pick up local traffic, or are reclassified for their final destinations. Modern operations with diesel locomotives are emphasized.

RR XINGHistory and Description

The HO Scale Club was formed in July 1988 in the city of Valdese, North Carolina.
The club was Incorporated in November of that year and commenced construction of the layout in January of 1989. The layout is almost 1400 square feet (130 sq. meters) in area, with workshop, storage and railroad museum in adjacent rooms. The mainline is mostly single track to increase operating interest, and is approximately 250 feet (76 meters) long with total trackage well over 1000 feet (305 meters). The  Digitrax Super Chief ®   control system is used. Currently 16-20 locomotives and almost 200 freight and passenger cars are in use.

During 2004, construction began on the "Murphy Branch" extension which is in the adjacent room of 600+ sq. ft. The "Murphy Branch" will include the Graham County Rwy.
Construction also began for our railroad museum displays which are now nearing completion.

RR XINGClub Information

The Club's activities focus on Thursday nights, with monthly business meetings on the first Thursday. Informal viewing can be arranged on any Thursday evening.

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