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A North Carolina Railroad Station and Bridge in


Former Altantic Coast Line Railroad depot. Notice the progressive deterioration which is evident between the 1970, 2004, 2007 and 2011 photos. As of 2011, despite its condition, the depot was being used by a local grocery store for pesticide storage.

After leaving the Bunn station on Railroad Street, the Seaboard Coast Line went southeasterly, parallel to (and on the north side of) Highway NC-98. About a mile and a half from the Bunn Depot, there was a long gradual curve to the east. As the curve ended, trains shot across the Tar River on this structure, which is visible from the highway bridge on Sledge Road. The tracks crossed Sledge Road about 600 feet east of the River and proceeded toward the railroad depot in Spring Hope (which currently serves as the Spring Hope Library). The tracks around Bunn have been removed, but the roadbed remains visible.

Seaboard Coast Line Tar River Bridge

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