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A North Carolina Railroad Station in

ROXBORO (Also see Woodsdale)

Former Lynchburg & Durham Railroad freight depot. Later used by the Norfolk & Western Railway. As shown by the historic photo below, the freight depot was at the rear of the passenger depot. In later years, the freight depot was moved and the passenger depot was demolished. An aerial photo below provided by Paul Folmsbee shows the original depot location and the current location of the freight depot. Recent repairs to the roof of the freight depot indicate that it is still being used, presumably for storage.

2005 photo

2007 photo showing recent roof repairs

Norfolk and Western Railway depot as it looked in March 1917. Historic photo compliments of the Norfolk Southern Corporation

Roxboro combination station, March 1917

Roxboro combination station, 1985. Brian Ezzelle collection.

Aerial photo showing original depot site and current location of the freight depot.

Original depot location. Note the same building in the background as is shown on the historic photo of the depot.

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