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A North Carolina Railroad Station in


The Saluda Grade is the steepest standard gauge mainline railway grade in the United States. The station was originally built and used by the Southern Railway. Later by Norfolk Southern. The tracks are now abandoned.

Thanks to Kerry Smith for the 2001 images posted here. Kerry also writes about his July, 2001 visit to Saluda: The town of Saluda appears to have made a comeback: Every store front along the main street is open for business and looking very prosperous. They still have the original grocery / general store, original hardware store and a couple of eateries, one of which is a coffee house. The Station has been completely painted,repaired, had air conditioning installed and is ready for rent. In fact, I'd bet it is the only sizeable property available in town. The freight house, as you can see, is occupied.

Saluda Depot, 1970

Saluda Depot, 1996, in disrepair

Saluda Depot, 2001, east side

Saluda Depot, 2001, southeast corner

Saluda Depot and freight house, 2001

Saluda Depot and freight house, south side, 2001

Saluda Depot, 2011

Saluda Depot sign

Saluda freight house

Saluda Grade historial marker

Town of Saluda

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