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Five North Carolina Railroad Stations and a Baggage Office in


Former Atlantic Coast Line 1924 passenger depot. Now AMTRAK.

Brain Ezzelle collection. Photo by Bill Mony Penny 11/19/69.
Brian believes that the truck in the foreground belonged to his uncle, signal maintainer A. M. Ezzelle.

The Cadillac in the above two aerial photos belonged to Dolan Taylor, the AMTRAK agent.
The photographer's father's office was on the far right of the building.

Wilson station sign

Amtrak train waits at the platform in Wilson

Former Atlantic Coast Line 1924 baggage building. It later became a sales office and finally the signal maintainer's office. Located behind the passenger station.

Former Norfolk Southern passenger depot. It was a stub end station that trains had to back into. It has been bricked over on the street sides but the roof is the same and some of the old molding can be seen between the metalwork on the roof in the last three photos.

Rear view of building

Aerial view of the tracks behind the station when it was in operation. Photo by Raines& Cox Photography of Wilson, NC.

Another aerial view by Raines& Cox Photography of Wilson, NC.

Former Norfolk Southern freight depot (located directly behind the passenger depot above).

Former Southern Railway depot (on old Norfolk Southern mainline). Now demolished.

Former Atlantic Coast Line Freight Station. The building caught fire in the late 1980s and was later demolished.

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