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East Broad Top Railroad, Orbisonia (Rockhill Furnace), PA, October 17, 2009

Photos by John D. Jones

John D. Jones visited the East Broad Top Railroad in Rockhill, Pa on October 17, 2009 and was surprised to find that ten inches of snow fell that morning. The snowy setting with Mikado 2-8-2 #15 made for the beautiful sequence of photos below. #15 was built by Baldwin for the EBT in 1914. The EBT station is located in Rockhill Furnace, PA but the station name was changed many years ago to Orbisonia to avoid confusion with other stations bearing Rockhill in the name. Hence the photos show Orbisonia on the depot building. It was a rare experience to see the EBT in snow during its regular excursion season and John reports that none of the prople he talked to remembered it ever happening before. Enjoy the John's beautiful photos below.

#15 at the Orbisonia Station

Another view at the Station

#15 at the wye

Side view of #15 at the wye

Closeup at the wye

Passing the EBT shop

Coupling to the train

Taking on water

Pulling by the depot

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