Renovation of the Evanston, Wyoming Union Pacific Roundhouse & Yard

Photos by Ken Humphreys

In November 1868, grading for the Union Pacific Railroad approached what is now Evanston, Wyoming. A town was plotted and by 1871 the railroad had located its roundhouse and machine shops in Evanston.In 1971, due to the increased use of diesel locomotives, the Union Pacific Railroad shut down its operations in Evanston and donated its 290-acre property and buildings to the city. For 27 years, the city leased the complex to various rail companies. Then in 1998, Evanston began environmental clean-up on the property and conversion of the buildings to other uses. The machine shop and a portion of the roundhouse have been converted into facilities for conventions and meeting and another of the buildings is in the process (as of September 2009) of being converted into a visitor's center. Much of the original railroad facitities remain and the contrast between the renocvated structures and those which have not yet been improved is amazing. Union pacific tracks lie adjacent to the site to this day.

Historic photo of the Evanston Yard
Union Pacific locomotive #3214 and a crane on the tracks adjacent to the site
Union Pacific locomotive #3216
UP locos #3215 and #3214 lashed up
A covered hopper car on the UP tracks
A tank car sitting on the UP tracks
Railroad detritis - old unused rail equipment at the site
Sign announcing the coming Evanston Visitor's Center
Building to be renovated to become the Visitor's Center
Sign on the renovated portion of the roundhouse
The renovated part of the roundhouse
Interior of the unchanged part of the roundhouse
Another view of the roundhouse interior
Exterior photo of the unchanged portion of the roudhouse
Exterior of the renovated part of the roundhouse. The contrast with the previous picture is astonishing.
The old roundhouse turntable
The renovated machine shop
Close-up photo of the machine shop

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