Ridgway Railroad Museum
Ridgway, Colorado

Photos by Ken Humphreys and Ben Thompson

The Ridgway Railroad Museum is unique in that it houses two Galloping Geese, a replica of Rio Grande Southern Goose #1 and the original RGS Goose #5. The seven original Galloping Geese were built in Ridgway by the Rio Grande Southern in 1931. Goose #5 is the property of the Telluride Volunteer Fire Department and is in Ridgway. The Ridgway museum has a modest collection of rolling stock and has no admission charge.

Galloping Goose #1(replica). #1 was originally built with from a Buick "Master Six" four door sedan with a truck stake-bed
for carrying freight and mail. It was later enclosed and fitted with seating. The replica vehicle has the original mail and freight configuration.

Highway sign at the museum.

Galloping Goose #5.

Another view of the cab of galloping Goose #5.

Body section of Galloping Goose #5 under restoration.

D&RGW boxcar #3130.

Nicely restored D&RGW caboose #0575.

D&RGW work car #04914.

D&RGW drop bottom gondola #702.

D&RGW stock car #5574. Built in 1904, rebuilt in 1926 and partially restored in 2002.

At the 2012 Goose Fest held at the Colorado Railroad Museum, all of the various Galloping Geese except for the one at Knott's Berry farm in California were assembled including the Galloping Geese from the Ridgway Railroad Museum. Ben Thompson attended the event and took these photos of the restored Ridgway Geese and others in the flock.

Fully restored Galloping Goose #5 in the foreground with #1 and #2 in the background.

Galloping Geese #1, #2 and #6.

Galloping Goose #1 replica from Ridgway.

Galloping Goose #5.

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