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What is considered the World's most Luxurious Train?

" The Blue Train "

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The train starts at Capetown, South Africa with electric locos.  Later they change to diesel when crossing the
Great Karoo (the high desert area) and go back to electric as they approach Johannesburg and Pretoria.
The trip takes about 27 hours departing Capetown about 10 AM and arriving in Pretoria at about 1 PM the
next day.  Longer trips are available continuing northward through Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls. 

The cars have three compartments each and a butler in each car to serve every whim of the passengers. 

The dining car tables are assigned for the duration of the trip and all meals are five star quality. 

The bathrooms in the compartments are Italian marble with gold plated fixtures. 

Closed circuit television in the compartment gives passengers a view from the lead locomotive (plus an array
of videos if you are dumb enough to watch TV instead of the train and the trip. 

The lounge and all drinks and food (unlimited) are no charge (over and beyond the ticket price that is).

The station in the photos is Mattiesfontain, South Africa, a historic town enroute. The train stops there
Northbound from Capetown for about an hour to let the passengers see the town. The stations at Capetown
and Pretoria have luxurious waiting lounges for Blue Train passengers of a quality comparable to that of the train. 

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locomotive Blue Train Locomotive
Bluetrain The Blue Train
locomotive Head End Power
Bluetrain From The Station Platform
compartment Our Compartment
bath Compartment Bathroom
corridor Looking down the Corridor
dining car Dining Car Table Setting
lounge Lounge

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