Al Capone and the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rail Yard

by Ken Humphreys

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan lies on the plains of Canada and is a major rail center for CP Rail. During the US era of Prohibition, it also was Al Capone'source for liquor. Alcohol was legal in Canada and with ready access to Chicago by rail, it was a relatively simple matter for Capone to distill and ship alcohol in great quantities directly to Chicago for sale to fund his criminal empire. When in Moose Jaw, Al Capone lived in a motel directly across the street fron the Canadian Pacific Railway depot and freight yard and operated his enterprises in a network of steam tunnels and rooms under the streets of the city. This page depicts the Moose Jaw depot and yard in 2006 plus Capone's home-away-from-home.

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Mural on the wall of the former Canadian Pacific Railway passenger depot in Moose Jaw. The building now houses retail stores and CP Rail offices.
Al Capone's home-away-from-home, a motel across the street from the Canadian Pacific Railway depot.
A mural depicting Moose Jaw's railroad history. The mural shows a balloon-stack 4-4-0 "American" locomotive in the late 1800's.
Three pictures of the diesel locomotive fueling and service area in Moose Jaw.
Graffiti on rail cars is everywhere.
CP Rail loco #1621 in the yard at Moose Jaw.
A CP Rail locomotive pulling its train into the Moose Jaw yard between two stopped lines of freight and tank cars.
A covered grain hopper in the yard.
A line up of tank cars beside the two mainline CP Rail tracks.

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