The Slovenian National Railway Museum (Železniški Muzej), Ljubljana, Slovenia

by Ken Humphreys

The small country of Slovenia has a fascinating railroad museum housed in a roundhouse in Ljubljana, the Slovenian national capital. The roundhouse is full of unique locomotives from the 19th century and the early 20th century. Exhibit rooms contain very well done displays of communications, signalling and safety equipment, uniforms, and other railroadiana. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Ljubljana should not pass up the opportunity to visit this wonderful museum of European and Slovenian railroading history.

The photographs below show a representative sample of the many exhibits at the Železniški Muzej, the Slovenian National Railway Museum.

Click on each image below to see its full sized version. Hit your back button to return and view the next photo. All images, with the exception of the museum brochure, are copyrighted by Ken Humphreys, April 2006

Museum brochure cover showing arial view of the Železniški Muzej and the city of Ljubljana.
The museum entrance
Semaphores and other antique signaling towers.
Southern Railway Co. (No, not the US line!) locomotive No. 29.718, built in 1861, the oldest locomotive in the museum. In the shadows of the museum, the coincidence that this Southern Railway Co. loco is the same shade of green as once used by Southern Railway in the US is not obvious.
The smallest locomotive in the museum, K3 built in 1892 for the narrow gauge Poljcane-Konjice line in Slovenia. Note the dolly the loco is sitting on to accommodate the standard gauge tracks of the roundhouse.
K3 in front of another antique locomotive No. 116-002.
Note the unusual stacks on this 8-driving wheel loco and on the locomotive just beyond it.
An early 2-8-0 steam locomotive
Another small locomotive built for use in Slovenia at the turn of the last century. Note the tall conical stack.
Another locomotive style, a 2-6-0 with a tall cylindrical stack. Note that the pilot wheels are the same diameter as the drivers.
Most of the locomotives in the museum do not have large centered headlamps. The early European locomotive designers generally opted for two smaller headlamps, one on each side of the locomotive boiler. One such lamp is pictured here.
A very early precursor to today's motorized speeders - foot powered.
Two more modern speeders powered by small gasoline engines.
Early electromechanical signalling and safety equipment.
Another view of the museum exhibit of early electromechanical signalling and safety equipment.
A portion of the museum display of communications equipment.
An early railroad dress uniform. Note the sword.

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