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Norfolk & Western Railway Steam Locomotive #475 on the Strasburg Railroad, October 15, 2009

Photos by John D. Jones

John D. Jones visited the Strasburg Railroad in East Strasburg, Pennsylvania on rainy October 15, 2009 and took the great shots below of Norfolk & Western 4-8-0 #475. One of N&W's M Class units, #475 was built by Baldwin in 1906. When Strasburg obtained it, the number was retained and the loco was relettered with the Strasburg name using the N&W font style and size. In the shots below, the steam coupled with the rain makes a particularly dramatic scene, notibly in the fourth photo.

#475 at Paradise, PA

#475 waiting at the East Strasburg Station

At the water tank

Another view of #475 at the East Strasburg Station

The conductor is enveloped in a cloud of steam and rain

Train departs

#475 approached mile post 2 with her train

Further down the line

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