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Tennessee Pass, Sept. 1996

Photos and comments by Jesse Koski

Since the closing of the Tennessee Pass route in Colorado, I thought that I would post the photos that I took while railfanning in Colorado during September of 1996. There is nothing unusual in my photos. I just wanted to share with someone who has not had the opportunity to railfan this area.

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Map of Colorado

We begin our trip at Canon City, CO. with SP's GP60 No.9606 and CP's SD40-2 No.5915 And an SSW Unit
Another photo of the SP-CP-SSW in Canon City, CO.
Sorry it's blurry but the Aussie driver got on the wrong side of the road. Rio Grande lettered Girder Bridge.
Track Maintenance Equipment.
Monster empty Coal Train. 5 AC4400's in the lead, 4 AC4400 Mid-Train Helpers and...see the next image.
Two AC4400 helpers at the end of the Monster Coal Train. If this photo looks familiar to some, well, I shot this photo and he shot the other one.
Another empty Coal Train
Another photo of the same train
Another Coal Train photo of Mid-Train helpers on a Horseshoe Curve.(probably Pando?)
Three AC4400's entering the Tennessee Pass Tunnel.
Somewhere ? near Mitchell or Pando.
Just south of Mitchell
South of Red Cliff, CO.
Highway Bridge at Red Cliff with returning Helper Units.
Another shot of the Helper Units under the Bridge.
View looking South from the same vantage point.
Rio Grande SD40T-2 No.5383 sitting at Minturn.
Work Train stored at Minturn.
What a way to travel. Riding on the point of an AC4400. :-) Through Minturn.
Rio Grande No.5383 at work in Minturn.
Closer shot of the work train in Minturn.
Hi-Rail SP pickup truck at Minturn.
D&RGW Covered Hopper used for Ballast Service.
SP General Merchandise train. (Dowds Junction?)
Another photo of the General Merchandise Train. (Dowds Junction?)
A very weathered CSXT Box car. (Dowds Junction?)
Girder Bridge markings at Belden.
Track going to ? The curve is not very constant at Belden.

Thanks to Richard Percy of the ESPEE Modelers Homepage for helping me with some of the place names.

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