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A Funicular in

Bergen, Norway

Floybanen Funicular running from the center of Bergen to the top of Mount Floyen. This funicular begins in Central Bergen in a tunnel bored out of rock. Photos of historic funicular cars line the tunnel. The cars climb the mountain on a steep track with multiple curves. Intermediate stops are made at communities on the mountain side. The top provides a spectacular view of the city 1050 feet below.

Funicular terminal in Central Bergen

Photo of original wooden-sided car #1

Photo of original car #1 and car #2 of the first set of steel cars

Photo of the third generation of cars, #1 and #2

Photo of present day cars #1 and #2

Car #2 at the lower station ready for departure

Car #2 climbing the curving track up the mountain

Hoisting cables at the upper station

Indicator at upper station showing the location of the two cars

Car #1 descending the mountain to the lower terminal

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