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Traction in

Bilbao, Spain

The city of Bilbao in Northern Spain hosts an ultramodern tram system, the Eusko trams. Fast and quiet, these articulated double cars pass through narrow city streets, private rights-of-way, and wide boulevards. They are the transportation method of choice for those visiting the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Oct. 2004 photos

Tram crossing sign on the Eusko private right-of-way

Bilbao has a high escarpment on one side of the river which divides the city and a funicular provides transportation up the escarpment. Pictured here in one of the funicular cars and a view of the steep track. Oct. 2004 photos.

Side view of a funicular car at the upper station in Bilbao

Looking down at the funicular car

A funicular car coming up the steep grade

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