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Bratislava, Slovakia

The city of Bratislava, Slovakia has a very efficient tram system serving the area along the Danube River and the old medieval part of the city. As can be seen from the pictures below, cars vary markedly in design, age, and color scheme. A mix of old cars from the former Communist era and modern light rail cars traverse the tracks of Bratislava. Sept. 2004 photos

An old double-tram passing along the Danube Rive

Looking down on two trams beside the blue Danube

Telephoto view of one of the trams in the second photo above.

Telephoto view of the second tram.

A double-tram in the old city

One of the trams from the Communist era

Grafitti artists would drool over this one

A newer light rail double-tram in the old city

Another new light rail car

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