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The greatest features of Melbourne's tram system are the City Circle Trams, a circular route which traverses the central city. This loop run provides visitors and residents alike with easy and frequent access to all major locations and attractions within the central part of this busy Australian City. The three photos below, taken in April 2002, show some of the City Circle cars.

Car 728

Car 842

Car 957

Another unique thing about Melbourne's tram system is that you can circle the city while having dinner in the Melbourne Restaurant car. April 2002 photos.

The Melbourne Restaurant Car

Melbourne's extensive tram system has been upgraded to modern vehicles, except for the City Circle which has retained the older style vehicles. The City Circle cars retain their original colors while the modern cars are moving billboards advertising all manner of things. Rail buffs will be interested to know that the trams which Melbourne has removed from service are not lost. Many have been sent to other parts of the world for use in transit systems there or for museum display. Seattle's trolleys are former Melbourne trams. Even the parts of dismantled cars have been retained to be able to supply the demands for parts all over the world. The Gomaco Trolley Company, builder of replica trolleys, has used many parts from Melbourne. Charlotte, North Carolina's car 85 rides on Melbourne trucks. April 2002 photos.

A City Circle car and modern Melbourne tram

Car 258, a modern standard gauge tram

Modern Car 842 sporting a speckled paint scheme

Car 957 with a different livery

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