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Traction in

Oslo, Norway

Oslo's trams are all relatively modern as is shown in this series of photos. They are somewhat wider than trams in most European cities but are not as wide as those in the United States.

Tram #114 as seen in 1985

Tram #136 approaching a stop in Sept. 2003

Tram # 136 departing. Sept. 2003 photo.

Tram #171 picking up passengers in Sept. 2003

Tram #171 departing. Sept. 2003 photo

A duplex tram on a wide Oslo street in Sept. 2003

Duplex tram #122 in front of the Oslo city hall. August 2008 photo

Triplex tram #160 at Aker Brygge, a popular Oslo tourist and shopping area. August 2008 photo

Duplex tram #132 at Aker Brygge. August 2008 photo

Maintenance-of-way cars are not often seen on trolley and tram systems but they are just as necessary as on freight and passenger railroads. This photo caught a MOW car jammed in behind some automobiles and adjacent to a construction site. The shadows are heavy but the details of the car are visible in this 1985 photo.

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