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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Plush Lehigh Valley Transit Co. Car #1030 which operated from Philadelphia to Norristown and Allentown, PA. The Liberty Bell line operated from 1910 until 1951. The Liberty Bell cars had very plush interiors with upholstered seating. These photos were taken at the Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, ME, July 1990.

Interior of Car #1030

The Philadelphia & West Chester Traction Co. and its sucessor, Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co., operated extremely heavy center-door cars on its runs into and out of Philadelphia on what was called the "Red Arrow Line." Cars 62 and 66, built by the J. G. Brill Co., have been preserved at the Seashore Trolley Museum and the Arden/Pennsylvania Trolley Museum respectively. Car 62 was built in 1925 and Car 66 in 1926. Your webmaster also motored Car 66 for a number of years at Arden.

Car #62 at Seashore Trolley Museum, July 1990

Car #66 coming down the track at Arden Trolley Museum, July 1988

Car #66 on a dark day in July 1990 at Arden.

The Philadelphia & West Chester Traction Co. also acquired some heavy cars with front and rear doors from the J. G. Brill Co. These cars eventually operated on the SEPTA Red Arrow Division. Car #78 was built in 1932 and was acquired by the Arden Trolley Museum in 1982. July 1990 photos.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) PCC 2709 entering the car barn at Seashore Trolley Museum, Sept. 2002. Built in 1947 by the St. Louis Car Company.

The Red Arrow Division of SEPTA obtained new suburban cars from the St. Louis Car Co. after World War II. One of these was Car 24 which was acquired in 1949. In 1982 it went to the Arden/Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

July 1988 photo

July 1990 photo

July 1990 photo with Pittsburgh Car 3756 partially visible. See Pittsburgh.

Groupings of Philadelphia area cars at Arden Trolley Museum

Car 24 with car 78 in the background-July 1990 photo

Car 24, Car 66, and Car 5326 to the right. Car 5326 is a Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co. city car
manufactured by the J. G. Brill Co. in 1923. This car was featured in several telecasts of
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. It is another car motored by the PWRR webmaster. July 1990 photo

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