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Traction in

Portland, Oregon

Portland has a very modern light rail system with a large fleet of cars from several European manufacturers. The photos below were taken by Alan Coleman, appropriately while attending the 2008 Narrow Gauge Convention in Portland.

Bombardier light rail car.

Car 106 at the Chinatown Stop.

Interior of a Bombardier car

Siemens light rail cars.

Interior view of a Seimens LRV

Siemens car operator's panel

Skoda-Inekon Joint Venture Czech-built car #003. Seven of these cars were built by the joint venture

Inekon car #010, one of three cars built after the Skoda-Inekon joint venture was disolved. Portland officials stated that Inekon was much easier to deal with than was the joint venture. The next order of cars is going to Oregon Iron Works which will bild Skoda cars under license.

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