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Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh's last streetcars operated on Saturday, March 11, 1933.

March 1, 1933:  A ceremony was scheduled to start at Noon on Fayetteville St. in front of City Hall to mark the inaugural runs of buses which would replace all streetcars within the next two weeks.  All six buses delivered so far were to take part in the ceremony.  The buses were built by the Corbitt Co. of Henderson and the Hackney Brothers Body Co. of Wilson, and seated 18 passengers. 
March 6, 1933:  Streetcars last ran on the Hillsboro St. carline, with buses taking over the next day. 
March 11, 1933:  Final day of streetcars. 
March 12, 1933:  Raleigh now all-bus system. 

Trolleys on Fayetteville Street, circa. 1920's

Fayetteville Street looking South from the State Capitol Building (James E. Thiem, Raleigh). Alan Coleman collection

The following pictures are portions of a panoramic photo of trolleys on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, circa. 1900. The photo was too large to scan in one piece so it is presented in two sections. The photographer is unknown.

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