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Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Tramways Car 1850 is a picnic car, an open-sided car with bench seats. This photograph was taken in June 1995 at the Connecticut Trolley Museum at Warehouse Point (East Windsor), CT.

A massive statue of Jesus Christ with arms outstreached overlooks Rio de Janiero from the top of Corcovado, a high mountain. While there is a road to reach the mountain top, it is narrow, steep, and winding. Therefore the transportation method of choice is the Corcovado Cog Railway which climbs the mountain to the statue through the tropical forest. The photos shown here were taken during a visit to Rio de Janiero in December 2003.

Corcovado Cog Railway Car #1 at the foot of the mountain

Corcovado Cog Railway Car #3 waiting for passengers

Two cars at the top of Corcovado heavily shadowed due to the dense tropical foliage

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