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Monorail, Light Rail and Trolly Traction in

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has one of the few monorail systems in the country. The Seattle Monorail was built for the Seattle World's Fair and runs from the central business district to the Space Needle tower which was built for the World's Fair. The photos below, of necessity, show the loading gates for the monorail as there is no vantage point at the stations from which to obtain an unobstructed view of the cars

The Monorail at the downtown (Westlake)station

At the Space needle station

Seattle has a light rail street car system which runs from the central business district to Lake Union. Two articulated cars cover the route and offer service at approximately 15 minute intervals during the day.

Seattle's double-ended trolleys operate along the waterfront and provide access to the ferry system. Seattle operates five trolleys along a 2 mile single-track with passing sidings. A 0.4 mile spur runs on city streets to the International District. All five cars were imported from Melbourne, Australia. These photos were taken in July 1989.

Car 272 returning from the International District

Car 482 at the Madison Street Station

Another shot of Car 482 at Madison Street

Car at Jackson Street waiting for passengers

Broad Street trolley waiting on a passing siding

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