Durango & Silverton Railroad & Museum

Photos by Ken Humphreys

Perhaps the ultiomate narrow gauge rail experience is traveling the Durango & Silverton Railroad. The railroad runs along the formeer Denver and Rio Grande line between Durangoand Silverton, Colorado, a distance of about 45 miles. The D&RG billed itself as "The Scenic Line of the World." The description is hard to dispute. The line runs along the Animas River at times climbing high above the river valley. The climb from Durango to Silverton is an incredible 2780 feet with grades as large as 2.5 percent.It is an incredible trip and the scenery is breath taking. At times, the curves are so sharp that I was able to take full side-view photos of the engine from our coach in the middle of the train.

Durango depot
Open-side coach in the Durango Yard
Parlor coach #631
Standard coach #291, "King Mine"
Concession car #500
Standard coach #319, "Needleton"
Train awaits the engine to begin the trip to Silverton
Engine 481 arrives and we are underway
Beginning the climb up the 6.5-mile Hermosa Hill grade
Heading North on the high-line
Arriving at Silverton
Train begins backing to the Silverton Wye to clear the tracks for the next train
Second train arrives in Silverton powered by engine #482
After the second train clears the tracks, our train backs into Silverton for the return trip to Durango
Heading toward the high-line on the return trip
Following the Animas River
Some sad cars deteriorating along the mainline
Entering the rock cut on the high-line
On a sharp curve downgrade to Durango

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