Durango & Silverton Railroad & Museum

Photos by Ken Humphreys

After the trip to Silverton, we returned to the depot the following morning to tour the museum. As we arrived, the first run to Silverton that day was getting ready to depart. After the train left, we entered the museum which is in a portion of the roundhouse. The other part of the roundhouse was not open to visitors but we were able to peek out a rear door and see the turntable and some equipment stored nearby.

Morning train getting ready to depart for Silverton
Open-side coach adjacent to the museum entrance
Rio Grande Southern locomotive #42 in the museum
Side view of Rio Grande Southern #42 and her tender
D&S engine 476 with her boiler door open
Trucks and plows stored outside of the roundhouse
Standard coach 270, "Pinkerton" near the turntable
Diesel switcher #7, "Big Al", on one of the turntable tracks
Observation car #83, "Nomad", on a track beyond the turntable
Private car of the Harpers, owners of the Durango & Silverton Railroad
D&S caboose #0505 in them museum
Caboose #0500 on display in the museum
Wooden model of D&S engine #42
"Silver Vista", deluxe open side car

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